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I felt Barbie clench several times, and her hands raked my back. "Fuck me hard! I need creampie sex," she groaned, and soon I felt her cumming on my cock. She was getting off on watching Janey getting sodomized by hand, and that made me wonder what was going on in her head. Maybe I'd not been adventurous enough.

Clem eventually used both hands to finger Janey's backside, stretching her anus wide open. Then he dropped his head and gasped, "turn around babe." I couldn't believe it, but his mouth found her backdoor! He moaned while tonguing her butt, sliding it in and out. Janey's face was one of decadence. She was clearly enjoying the sensation of this guy frenching her ass.

Clem didn't do it very long though, because Janey finally wanted the creampie sex. I was relieved to see that they did this in a normal way. They were giving Barbie all sorts of bad ideas! Janey laid on her back, and Clem buried himself into her with a single stroke.

"You're super wet before creampie sex," he smiled at her.

"That's what happens when you munch my ass," she replied. She looked over and winked at Barbie! This was a bad precedent indeed!

We watched each other fuck, our breathing becoming labored as our orgasms neared. Barbie could tell I was close, and warned me, "Don't cum yet."

"Then suck me a little," I gasped. I pulled out of her hot and wet hole, sliding forward to present my dick to her lips. I thought I was doing pretty good to reach down and finger her sopping wet snatch.

"Damn, this is fucking hot," Clem hissed. "I might cum soon," he warned Janey.

"Then let me get on top," she suggested.

"OK," he agreed, and disengaged so that he could roll onto his back. Then Janey knelt astride him and lowered her creampie sex onto his.

"Mmmmm, that looks good," Barbie commented, and we took that position too. Now the two women were on top, fucking their men. It was sexy as hell.

Janey watched us for a bit, enjoying the creampie sex. Then her face grew flushed, and she asked us to guess what was going to happen when Clem came.

"What?" Barbie asked, excited.

"I dunno," I prompted.

"You tell them," Janey said to Clem, pressing herself fully onto his prong.

He looked at us, visibly excited. "She's going to slide up and plant her gooey hole on my mouth, and make me lick her to orgasm."

"Ohmygod," Barbie gasped, her pussy clenching on me. For my part, I wilted a little, appalled at the prospect.

"I'm cumming!" Clem announced, as if telling us what he was going to do was so exciting it pushed him over the edge. Janey looked over at us and winked, then leaned down to kiss him as he came.

"That's a good boy," she cooed between kisses, "fill me up." Clem came for a minute it seemed, pumping her full of the goo.